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Eddie Vedder’s album art released

Eddie Vedder has finally released the cover artwork for his Ukulele Songs album which is due to drop at the end of May! Check it out first right here…

The sculpture adorning the cover is titled “The Lost Correspondent” and was created by famous underwater artist Jason deCaires Taylor.

According to Jason, the sculpture “depicts a man sitting at a desk with a typewriter. The desk is covered with a collection of newspaper articles and cuttings that date back to the 1970s. Many of these have political significance, a number detail Grenada’s alignment with Cuba in the period immediately prior to the revolution.”

Thanks goes to TwoFeetThick for getting the picture online first!

If you haven’t read about the album or listened to the debut single then you really need to catch up! So click here to read my write-up from earlier this month and of course stay pinned to my blog for a full album review!



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Ukulele Tabs blocked in the UK

Some annoying news for UK ukers last week. The biggest ukulele chord and tab site on the net ( has taken action to block all of it’s content to users across the country. This is due to action by the Music Publishers Association and some tough new music copyright laws being thrown around.

It’s not all bad news though, there are plenty of guitar chord sites floating around the net that you can use. The chords are mostly the same but of course the tabs are no good for us four stringers!

Option 2 is to use a proxy anonymizer site such as to bypass the site’s location IP blocking. It slows it down a bit but it means you can still fully access the site’s content.

 Top Ukulele Sites

Happy sneaky proxy server strumming!


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Chords: Creep by Radiohead

This is one of my all time favorite songs even before I picked up the ukulele. A simple yet beautifully haunting tune. It’s a basic four chord progression and a great intro to the B chord if you’re a beginner who hasn’t tackled it yet.

Chords:   G  B  C  Cm

When you were here [G] before
Couldn’t look you in the [B] eyes
You look like an [C] angel
Your skin makes me [Cm] cry

You float like a [G] feather
In a beautiful [B] wind
I wish I was [C] special
You’re so very [Cm] special

But I’m a creep [G]
I’m a wierdo [B]
What the hell am I doing here [C]
I don’t belong here [Cm]

The rest of the lyrics can be found by clicking here.


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Strum Away

So I’m just sitting here at home, propped up on the open first floor window ledge watching the world go by. It’s a bright summery evening and a cool breeze is gently tickling the trees in the field opposite my house.

The walkers are out enjoying the trails, the sweet smokey aroma of mid-week barbeques hangs in the air. There’s a tall glass of ice cold Kopparberg by my side and my trusty ukulele on my lap. I’ve been casually strumming away to myself for around three hours now.

Time flies.

Country roads, take me home… To the place I belong… ~ John Denver

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Guitar that never grew up?

I got sent this cartoon by a friend. Thinking about it now, I never really grew up much either so I guess that’s one way me and the ukulele are quite similar, haha!
Happy strumming!

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Eddie Vedder – Longing to Belong

Eddie Vedder, lead singer and frontman of the legendary Pearl Jam is about to drop his second solo album, which from all reports is based entirely around his vocals and a smooth sounding ukulele. Vedder recently credited world surfing champion Kelly Slater for encouraging him to release a ukulele album.

There’s no mistaking Vedder’s trademark melodic charm and charismatic tones when listening to the first single from the forthcoming album. Longing to Belong is a vibrant yet mellow tune that I have already completely fallen in love with.

The album, conveniently titled “Ukulele Songs” brings together a collection of original material and covers performed by Vedder on ukulele.

It’s a big year for Eddie Vedder and the other members of Pearl Jam as it’s their 20th anniversary. Pearl Jam were a big influence on me as a youngster; releasing unforgettably timeless tracks such as  Better Man, Evenflow and Daughter back in the glory days of their VS and Ten albums. Watch out for re-released special edition CD and vinyl versions of those albums later in the year also!

The album “Ukulele Songs” is released on the 30th of May 2011.

The first single “Longing to Belong” is of course already available for download on iTunes.

Stay tuned for a full album review on my blog ASAP!


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I guess a “welcome” is in order?

Welcome to my blog, brand new and bouncing!

One of a billion other blogs floating across the world wide web… But I hope you stick around and continue to check it out. This is my place and you are always welcome here! I’ll just be thowing around my random thoughts about life, living, being left handed and my forays into playing the ukulele.

I guess my posts here will mainly be about playing the ‘ol jumping flea. I’m no expert, just love the underdog of the instrument world. Oh and before I go remember; the sun is always shining with a ukulele in your hand!

I’ll hit this page with more (less boring) updates shortly I promise!

EDIT: Oh and for those who followed my old blog and have suddenly been redirected to here don’t worry it’s no mistake. Blogspot was annoying me so I decided to start totally fresh with WordPress!

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