I guess a “welcome” is in order?

Welcome to my blog, brand new and bouncing!

One of a billion other blogs floating across the world wide web… But I hope you stick around and continue to check it out. This is my place and you are always welcome here! I’ll just be thowing around my random thoughts about life, living, being left handed and my forays into playing the ukulele.

I guess my posts here will mainly be about playing the ‘ol jumping flea. I’m no expert, just love the underdog of the instrument world. Oh and before I go remember; the sun is always shining with a ukulele in your hand!

I’ll hit this page with more (less boring) updates shortly I promise!

EDIT: Oh and for those who followed my old blog and have suddenly been redirected to here don’t worry it’s no mistake. Blogspot was annoying me so I decided to start totally fresh with WordPress!


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One response to “I guess a “welcome” is in order?

  1. Hey, welcome to wordpress. 🙂 It’s definately waay better than Blogger. And thanks for subscribing! 😀

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