Ukulele Tabs blocked in the UK

Some annoying news for UK ukers last week. The biggest ukulele chord and tab site on the net ( has taken action to block all of it’s content to users across the country. This is due to action by the Music Publishers Association and some tough new music copyright laws being thrown around.

It’s not all bad news though, there are plenty of guitar chord sites floating around the net that you can use. The chords are mostly the same but of course the tabs are no good for us four stringers!

Option 2 is to use a proxy anonymizer site such as to bypass the site’s location IP blocking. It slows it down a bit but it means you can still fully access the site’s content.

 Top Ukulele Sites

Happy sneaky proxy server strumming!



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14 responses to “Ukulele Tabs blocked in the UK

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  2. pelumi

    thanks :), i thought that was the end of uke tabs for me

  3. Andy

    Fucking useless Tory bastard government, first they take my job then they try to take my Uke! This is the final straw.

  4. Observer One


    Nothing to do with the conservatives, try the greedy music publishers like Sony, MGM etc, they are the ones demanding it blocked.

  5. a

    Thank you so much, everything is blocked in the US too and I was having a hell of a time finding tabs elsewhere.

  6. Johno

    Big Big thanks….most appreciated. Power to the strum….

  7. Mel

    It’s blocked in Singapore as well.

  8. Phil

    Thanks a million!

  9. Jules Everest

    For chords to songs I use and just play uke instead of guitar, sorted : )

    • Yep UltimateGuitar is a great site! I also use Chordie quite a lot as I find the layout a bit cleaner and you can switch to show uke chords or different tunings using the right hand sidebar.

  10. userjs2714

    great thanks to all

  11. Hey Folks, I’m Marty, I play a soprano Mahalo (gotta love an underdog uke) and I squeeze out some great sounds from it. What’s this about tabs being blocked in the UK? Can’t anyone put their own version of tabs for songs…or am i just missing the point here? Can someone enlighten me. PS, I really like this wee site! Great.

  12. you can use the site it has lots of ukulele tabs ort you could go to the Jims ukulele songbooks at he has over 1500 ukulele songs on his website that you can downlode as an entire songbook both are realy good go try them out

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