The Re-entrants Album Release

Albumen, the 3rd album from British ukulele sensations The Re-entrants is due to be released on Monday 9th May. If you haven’t heard of The Re-entrants, they are ukulele cover masters. Check this video of them covering MJ’s Thriller:

“The Re-entrants formed in 2007, when Phil Doleman and Ian Emmerson encountered each other on an internet ukulele forum and found they were near neighbours. They quickly became one of the most in-demand ukulele acts in the UK.”

The track list for Albumen includes covers of; Crazy Horses, Gold, Virginia Plain, Shine, I am the Walrus, Poker Face, Hotel Yorba, Radar Love, In Your Eyes, The Last Time, Total Eclipse of the Heart and No More Heroes.

All three albums can be ordered via The Re-entrants website.

Downloads are available over at CDBaby and on iTunes.



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3 responses to “The Re-entrants Album Release

  1. Mark

    That was so awesome, I was smiling the whole way through.

    • Thanks for the blogging this, much appreciated ! I just discovered your blog – I’ll share it on Facebook with my uke chums!
      All the best,

      • Wow! Thanks Phil. 😀 It has made my Sunday morning seeing you had found and commented on my blog! Awaiting the album release tomorrow!

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