Useful Uke Links

There’s so much ukulele related content out there on the web, certainly more than I expected when I first picked up my uke! If you’re a beginner ukester or a more seasoned strummer, here’s a bunch of sites that will certainly inspire your ukulele love…

Uketoob – It’s like YouTube, for ukulele players. Oh yeah!

Gotaukulele – A top little ukulele blog with songs, tips, reviews and more.

Ukulele Tabs – All your chord and tab needs in one place. (UK users click here)

Ukelele Underground – The forum for uke lovers all over the planet.

Mike’s YouTube Channel – Hundreds of well made instructional videos.

Be sure to comment with any other great uke sites out there!



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2 responses to “Useful Uke Links

  1. thanks for this! is my general go-to site for all things uke, but you posted a couple sites here i’ve never visited. awesome.

    • Oh yes I forgot about ukulelehunt, thanks! That’s where I first started my online ukulele journey, but for some reason now my computer always messes up when I try and visit it…

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