Eddie Vedder’s Ukulele Songs Review

So Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder’s latest solo outing “Ukulele Songs” finally landed on my doorstep today! Needless to say I’ve had it on endless rotation since it’s arrival. This is not a hard thing to do as while the album is amazing, it’s also amazingly short coming in at just shy of 35 minutes.

Length aside, each song is still its own masterpiece in stripped down melodic magic. The tracks drip with Vedder’s familiar haunting vocal tones accompanied by the simple yet soulful sounds of his faithful ukulele.

The album opens with Can’t Keep, a Pearl Jam cover stripped back and laid bare but still retaining a modicum of rock from the Seattle grunge days.

Goodbye is fast becoming my personal favorite. A sweet yet saddening track which melts in classic Vedder style a combination of yearning for more whilst saying farewell “and for what feels like the first time, I don’t know where you are tonight, I guess that this is goodbye.”

The first single “Longing to Belong” is one of the smoother songs on the album and and definitely a showcase of Vedder’s strengths. Tonight You Belong To Me is another surprise as Chan Marshall of Cat Power joins to flirtatiously duet in this cover of a 1920’s classic.

Other tracks sway in style from the uplifting You’re True through to the mellow Hawaiian hula-esque harmonies of Sleepless Nights.

Ukulele Songs really is an accomplishment is bringing out the trademark rich and raw tones of Eddie Vedder’s voice, then backing it with the often friendly, sometimes sorrowful strummings of the much underrated ukulele.

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6 responses to “Eddie Vedder’s Ukulele Songs Review

  1. I forgot to give my overall rating: 7/10

    An admirable mix of beautiful folk songs and sublime cover versions, but loses marks for a just about satisfactory overall playing time and two tracks that come in at under a minute…

    • FanfirstMusician2

      I never understood that well written songs had a time limit. I am now smarter and stronger and more mechanical for having read this review, thank you.

  2. FanfirstMusician2

    This album is a strung together mixture of Beauty, Love, Loss, and an overall passion for the emotions that most thought a ukulele could not evoke. Ed’s compilation of Ukulele Songs was his quest to dredge the depths of ID with a Uke, and not for the purpose of making an album. This is not an album for review but enjoyment. Think of live music, why watch when we could play the album? We watch for the character put on every note, the imperfections deliberate and not. This is what makes Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and other great song writers at the top of the hill. There are always better musicians, but not creators. Loved it.

  3. Thanks for the review! I love Eddie Vedder! Did not know he did Ukulele songs…??? I like his Temple of the Dog stuff, the Into the Wild soundtrack, and his duets in general (two of his duets made it on my list of best male duets: http://notnicolajames.wordpress.com/2011/12/07/mixed-tapes-best-songs-about-winter-and-snow/).

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