Choosing my new ukulele

As most of you know from my previous post I recently took a trip down to see the guys at Southern Ukulele Store in their brand spanking new shop! Of course, travelling all that way I couldn’t go away empty handed.

Being a bit of a uke buying newb, the guys were really helpful. They let me chill on the couch strumming away and narrowing my choices. They demonstrated the ukes for me too as being a lefty, I could only pick out a couple of chords with a righty-strung uke! After about an hour I’d narrowed it down to three very good ukes in my price range.

Ohana SK25 Zebrawood; Kala KA-SS Spruce Top; Barnes & Mullins Bowley

I ditched the Kala next, although it had a quality sound I just wasn’t feeling the look of the light coloured spruce top. The Ohana Zebrawood looked absolutely stunning and produced a bright, crisp tone. If I were to buy on bling alone it would be Zebrawood all the way. But in the end I went for The Bowley. It’s classic, vintage styling combined with a deeper, richer sound totally won me over and kept me smiling.

Trust me, I played them all and many more!

My advice to anyone looking to purchase a new uke is to get to a store and play the hell out of a wide range. I went in with my eye on a Kala KA-MS Mango but once I’d played it I didn’t like it. Great looking and sounding uke for sure, but not for me.

I couldn’t put The Bowley down, and that’s why I walked out with it!



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8 responses to “Choosing my new ukulele

  1. It looks like you made a great choice. Congratulations on your new ukulele. I’m happy for you!

  2. Cool blog! So is playing the ukulele much different from guitar? I play a little guitar and think it would be fun to try.

    • To be honest I’ve never played the guitar and don’t have a lot of musical background and I’ve found it good fun and not overly difficult to get the basics down. From all accounts it’s got to be easier. Two less strings to sorry about, haha!

  3. mysweetukulele

    Excellent choice, although a little bling is noooo nice!! Enjoy 🙂

  4. I like your style. I’ll to make sure I check back on your blog as I start my own quest of Uke mastery!

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