Playing the blues on a uke?

This week I’ve been messing around with blues chord progressions and riffs. It’s good fun as it’s not the type of music you’d normally associate with a ukulele.

I’ve been learning from a couple of tutorial videos on the internet using two great ukulele resources. The first is Ukulele Underground and their fantastic “Uke Minutes” series, the second is Ukulele Mike’s YouTube videos – a must subscribe for any uke beginner.

I started with the Blues Ukulele Chords video on Ukulele Underground.

Then progressed onto the Blues Scales video to figure out some solo patterns.

Ukulele Mike demonstrating blues chords and solo techniques:

I particularly love this Ukulele Mike video as at the end he jams a blues chord progression that you can use to solo over with the blues scale. I’ve been doing this quite a bit and my improvised solos are improving!

Ohhhhh, when my baby left me…



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4 responses to “Playing the blues on a uke?

  1. That video really helps take the mystery out of creating the blues sound. Thanks!

  2. gotta tell ya – i keep coming back to this video to work on my blues sound. this is such a great video. thanks for posting! i love Ukulele Mike!

    • Keep strumming away! Ukulele Mike is the man! I’ve been practicing the blues a lot too and trying to solo over his backing track. Getting there…

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