Lefty Uke Tips #01

So you’re a lefty trying your hand at the ukulele, or any stringed instrument for that matter such as the guitar or bass. Short of buying a left handed version of your chosen instrument, what are your options?

1) Try and play right handed. I don’t recommend this method as it usually involves forcing yourself to play it in a way that doesn’t feel right. Nothing about playing the ukulele should be forced! I say play it the way it feels the most natural to you. If that’s right handed then perfect! If not, then…

2) If you can manage it, don’t re-string your ukulele for left handed playing just flip it over and play.  The big advantage of this method is that you can play ANY ukulele whether in a shop or at a mate’s place. This would be a big plus, the downside being you’ll have to learn the chords upside down. I tried this when I tested out some ukes at Southern Ukulele and it didn’t seem all that hard. Probably a pretty good option if you can handle it.

3) Re-string your ukulele for left handed play. Reverse the string order so they are “correct” when you hold your uke left-handed. Set yourself up with a left handed chord chart to get you on your way. The big issue though with this method is that you won’t be able to play a mate’s uke or properly test out ukuleles in a music store. Watching and learning from YouTube videos will be like watching a mirror image, which makes things quite easy! I chose this method.

 Top Ukulele Sites

So that’s the main three options. Which is the best?

Well that’s totally individual and down to each player. Just pick up your uke (or one in a shop) have a mess around and you’ll probably know which method is right for you! Most of all, be sure to enjoy playing your ukulele and go with what feels the most natural. Happy strumming!



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2 responses to “Lefty Uke Tips #01

  1. Mrcurlymoustache

    I’m thinking of getting a ukulele and I prefer option 2. I read somewhere that the sound it produces will be weird. Will it sound normal if I strum upside down too? Like instead of down down up up down up I strum up up down down up down? Thanks a million!

    • I don’t think it would sound weird – I’ve played right handed ukes upside down and saw a lefty on stage playing using option 2, it sounded normal enough! I wouldn’t worry abou it. Just buy one, learn, play, enjoy! 🙂

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