Jani Lane found dead in hotel

Well it’s a sad, sad day for glam rock fans as Jani Lane, the ex lead singer of Warrant, has reportedly been found dead in his hotel room.

Jani, aged 47, was the lead man for Warrant from 1986 until 1992 when he left to pursue a solo career. The band are most recognised for their hit, Cherry Pie way back in 1989. No cause of death has been released yet.



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2 responses to “Jani Lane found dead in hotel

  1. Hey Lefty…I am a devoted follower of Glam Rock. You can look at my blog here at http://www.glamrockstar.wordpress.com. Just started it…and am mainly focusing on originators but will eventually get to the groups of today. Yeah, I knew about Warrent but had never seen this video. do they know the cause of death yet with Jani Lane? Steph

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