The Little Black Songbook

Ahhh the British summer. I’ve been on holidays for a little while and on my travels I picked up this neat little book at a local bookstore.

The Little Black Songbook: Acoustic Hit Songs. It’s meant for guitar and has the guitar chord fingering at the top of each page, but as long as you know the equivalent ukulele chord it’s all the same. I’ve printed out a copy of my chord chart to stick in the front for any chords I haven’t learnt yet. The book is nice and small, almost the perfect size for travel and will probably fit snugly in my uke travel case (hopefully anyway).

There’s also a Hit Songs Volume Two, plus Beatles, Dylan, Oasis, Folk Songs and many other little black book titles in the series! Should keep me busy!



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5 responses to “The Little Black Songbook

  1. Looks like a great song book. But your beautiful ukulele steals the show in the picture. 🙂

  2. Heh, I just received my Little Black Song Book from Amazon, but I ordered the Tom Waits edition.

  3. richie

    there are also ukulele little black songbooks available

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