Five Thousand

I just noticed that my humble little blog has hit over 5000 views!

I’ve got to say a HUGE thanks for all of the regular readers of my mostly pointless musical mumblings and also a big warm welcome to anyone who may be reading my blog for the very first time.

And of course as always, happy strumming!!!



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3 responses to “Five Thousand

  1. You are an ambassador for the joy of owning and playing the ukulele. 🙂

    Congratulations on hitting 5,000!

  2. Hi I do like reading what’s going on in the UKU world.But am still having problems teaching myself how to play,as a south paw. I was hoping that you or a member would have some tips/or/insights as to finally stum find the notes,and get me rolling. thanks again for your blog

    • Hi moe, thanks for the comment. Check out my two blogs on left handed playing and then start practicing some chords. Without knowing exactly where you’re at I’d say G, C, Am, F and D are a good start. There’s plenty of songs out there once you master those chords, it’s just a matter of googling the chords for songs you like!

      Anything else you want to know just leave a comment and I’ll see what I can do to help! 🙂

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