Stand By Me (Tutorial)

While browsing the UU forums I stumbled across this tutorial video for Stand By Me. It’s a pretty easy chord progression with a little bit of instrumental flair thrown in.

Tutorial by roykronenfeld:

I thought it sounded pretty snazzy so I gave it a quick whirl. Everybody knows this song so it’s one you should definitely add to your repertoire. It didn’t take all that long to learn and you can listen to my quick effort below:

Give it a go!



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3 responses to “Stand By Me (Tutorial)

  1. I was playing Stand By Me on the Uke all summer long. Bought a great Ukulele song book, The Daily Ukulele. Here’s a link for it. It was so easy to follow, and Stand By Me was so much fun to play.

  2. Sounds impressive, ukelefty! I’ve gotten too busy with other things and my uke playing has fallen behind. You are an inspiration to keep playing and learning.

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