Ukulele master James Hill live!

As part of the Mighty Uke’s UK tour, I was very lucky to see the ukulele master James Hill perform some material from his new album.  It was quite an intimate gig at Oxford’s Phoenix Picturehouse, with not many people turning up at the theatre. I was lucky enough to grab front row seats! He’s a very charismatic entertainer, spinning stories and jokes in between songs.

I snapped off one photo (excuse the goofy expression, my brain had just exploded out the back of my skull from the ukulele wizardry).

And one video (excuse the mid-song ending, never use Poundland AA batteries in a digital camera).

Of course he finished with his now famous rendition of Billie Jean. Sure, I’d seen the YouTube vids, but seeing that masterpiece live is absolutely mind-blowing. It just should not be possible…

The set was followed by a strum along led by James, so now in a roundabout way I can say that I’ve jammed with James Hill. What a treat, haha!

Seriously if you ever get the chance to see James and his partner perform then don’t even think twice about the opportunity. Scrounge the cash, buy those tickets, make the journey, do what it takes. You won’t regret it!


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  1. I love this post, Ukelefty! So cool that you got to see your uke hero! I’ve never heard of him and love getting the new exposure. Love the pic of the two of you together, as well, and believe me, we’d all get a goofy expression if we met someone who inspired us. Congrats on a fun night, and I hope it imspires you to play on!

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