Just like Bob Dylan back in ’65

I’ve gone electric… There was booing, discontent and disgust when Bob Dylan first walked on stage clutching an electric guitar. It divided his fans down the middle. Some say it was the birth of rock and roll.

But I digress. It’s time to reveal what was in the box at Christmas. I am now the lucky strummer of a new concert-scale Rosewood Eleuke:

I had to get this one imported from the States as Eleuke’s UK supplier had gone sour, leaving the market dry. Let me tell you now though it was worth it!

So far I’ve only played it through headphones and my little lounge stereo. I can’t wait to plug it into a proper amp!



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4 responses to “Just like Bob Dylan back in ’65

  1. WOW! It’s gorgeous!!!!!!!!! I feel my first true twinge of uke jealousy! Not even the K’s affect me that way!

    (And Like a Rolling Stone is one of my all time Dylan favorites.) 🙂

  2. Tim

    WHAT!!! I just took that back last week!!! Dylan goes electric, I took it back, and now you are going BACK? GHAAAAA.

    to prove it, I made a contest. all are welcome to enter.

    Nice uke, I loved the one I reviewed a couple years ago. enjoy

    • Yeah I couldn’t be happier with it. Oh so cool. I think I’ll always be an acoustic uker at heart though. Expect my competition entry to appear on your page in the next week or two!

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