The 2nd Annual World Ukulele Day!

Around this time last year the great ukulele guru, Mike Lynch declared the world’s first “Ukulele Day.” Well that time has rolled around again and this year he has announced that the 2nd of February 2012 is once again…

World Ukulele Day!

Now, let’s step back for just a moment. This time last year I hadn’t even started playing the ukulele! Woah, just imagine that! I wasn’t even aware of this whole other highly addictive world of uke madness. I am coming up to my first year anniversary soon, but more on that later down the line. So 2012 is actually my first World Ukulele Day as an actual ukulele player!

Click for Ukulele Mike’s YouTube channel or here for his BLOG page.



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3 responses to “The 2nd Annual World Ukulele Day!

  1. It’s clear that it’s been a great uke year for you, ukelefty. I’ve loved following your progress.

    I, unfortunately, have gotten sidetracked. But the uke is lying on the coffee table and calling my name tonight. Fortunately she doesn’t hold the neglect against me… just will make me pay for it when I pick her up again! 🙂

    • Thanks for following. It’s been quite a journey and I’ve loved learning the ins and outs of the uke. Stil a long way to go yet though! I need to record a few more videos for this blog soon too.

      Today is also Groundhog Day!

      Today is also Groundhog Day!

      Today is also Groundhog Day!

      Today is also Groundhog Day!

      Today is also Groundhog Day!

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