Winter snow, village walks & ukulele

Snow! Finally after a very mild English winter we’ve been hit with a cold snap and a coating of snow! I took the opportunity (after building a snowman) to go for a wander around the village. As I was heading for the door I looked at my ukulele and thought, why not take it with me!

Everybody is so friendly when it snows – and even friendlier when you’re strumming away on a ukulele. It just makes everyone smile! On my walk I met this guy, Arthur, who came up to me to have a chat and spin a yarn or two about ukulele playing.

He said he’s been playing the ukulele for many, many years. He told me of a local group I didn’t know about and where I could meet him for a jam. We had a good chat and then I continued on, content in the knowledge that the ever humble ukulele had spread some good vibes today.



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5 responses to “Winter snow, village walks & ukulele

  1. It would never have occurred to me to pick up my ukulele and go strumming through the snow. What fun!

  2. Love this blog today. Great pics and awesome that Arthur taught you about a group to play with. Uke playing is on the rise! Read a really cool article about a Uke Club in NYC. Check this out….it completely reminded me of you!

  3. Thanks for that link! It was a great experience and I could tell Arthur has some stories to tell. I’m going to go down the pub he mentioned and see if I can have a jam with him and his friends some time.

  4. Nice site you have here. Loved your little B&M Uke last night at MUG – see you next time. Was Arthur there?

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