NEW: The Marlow Ukulele Group

On Monday night I made the trip to Marlow to check out the newest ukulele workshop in town. The Marlow Ukulele Group, set up by Brian Ward, aims to provide place for “beginners and improvers” to meet regularly and build on their skills in a friendly group environment.

The first meeting saw a turnout of around 30 ukesters, with experience levels ranging from many complete beginners holding a uke for amost the first time through to the more seasoned guitar-to-ukulele converts.

Brian – a natural born teacher – started the workshop by going through some ukulele basics such as tuning, holding the uke and strumming patterns, before introducing some chords. Each time a new chord was introduced, it was backed up with a song, with each new song building on the previous one.

Although presently more suited to beginners with an interest in strumming their first few chord progressions, it was still great fun. Future workshops will be held on the 2nd and 4th Monday evenings of each month from 7:30pm at the Cross Keys Pub in Marlow, Buckinghamshire.

For more details, head to



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2 responses to “NEW: The Marlow Ukulele Group

  1. A great night was had by all! So good to see folks who thought they hadn’t got a note in them leave with huge smiles on their faces………

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