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James Hill & Anne Davison engaged

This charming email landed in my inbox last night:

We’re engaged! Weeeee! It happened last weekend under a lamp post on Salt Spring Island, BC. The right place, the right time, the right question… and the right answer! Wanted to share the news with you.

Warm wishes,

James & Anne

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Oh and yes, I’m back. Sort of. Still a couple of boxes left to unpack and my internet access is patchy, but the move went smoothly. I’m settling very well into my new home!

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Pack up your troubles…

This is a little bit how I feel at the moment: Surrounded by boxes and bags and lacking much furniture, but I still have the ukulele out for a strum!

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You guessed it, I’m in the middle of moving home. Because of this it’ll probably be a little quiet on my blog while I pack my life up, relocate, unpack and settle into my new surroundings.

The whole moving thing is daunting, exciting and exhausting to say the least. Not nearly as scary as when I moved from Australia to England, fitting my entire life into one suitcase! It’s amazing how much more stuff I’ve gathered in those few short years… Stay tuned though, I’ll be back!


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Sailor Jerry / Sloop John B

Sailor Jerry’s Original Spiced Navy Rum: The spirit of choice for pirates and topless hula skirted island girl ukulele players all over the world. In honour of the long weekend, I’ll be enjoying a glass or two of Sailor Jerry’s and diet coke tonight. How cool is their bottle label:

And what better tune to accompany Navy Rum than Sloop John B. A traditional West Indies folk song, a hit for The Beach Boys and a favorite of ukulele gatherings world wide. You can have a lot of fun with this one using various strum patterns and harmonies. The great thing about this song is that it can be as simple or as complicated as you like!

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Ukulele Chordfinder

A quick Google search will reveal a whole plethora of chord sites, but my favorite of the lot has to be this one:

Be sure to select your correct tuning (soprano C tuning for me) on the right and then click on the chord/variation you’re after. It shows you the main fingering first, but click on the chord again to be shown a couple of alternate fingerings further up the neck. You can even click on the pick to hear your chord strummed.

There’s an iPhone app for the program, which looks very handy. Unfortunately I don’t have one of those fancy gadgets to be able to test it out…

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