Sailor Jerry / Sloop John B

Sailor Jerry’s Original Spiced Navy Rum: The spirit of choice for pirates and topless hula skirted island girl ukulele players all over the world. In honour of the long weekend, I’ll be enjoying a glass or two of Sailor Jerry’s and diet coke tonight. How cool is their bottle label:

And what better tune to accompany Navy Rum than Sloop John B. A traditional West Indies folk song, a hit for The Beach Boys and a favorite of ukulele gatherings world wide. You can have a lot of fun with this one using various strum patterns and harmonies. The great thing about this song is that it can be as simple or as complicated as you like!

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3 responses to “Sailor Jerry / Sloop John B

  1. Very cool bottle label!

    And that’s one of my favorite oldies. I didn’t know that it was a traditional West Indies folk song before the Beach Boys did it.

  2. Not only do they have a really cool label but the rum is really good to.

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