Pack up your troubles…

This is a little bit how I feel at the moment: Surrounded by boxes and bags and lacking much furniture, but I still have the ukulele out for a strum!

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You guessed it, I’m in the middle of moving home. Because of this it’ll probably be a little quiet on my blog while I pack my life up, relocate, unpack and settle into my new surroundings.

The whole moving thing is daunting, exciting and exhausting to say the least. Not nearly as scary as when I moved from Australia to England, fitting my entire life into one suitcase! It’s amazing how much more stuff I’ve gathered in those few short years… Stay tuned though, I’ll be back!



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6 responses to “Pack up your troubles…

  1. Hope you are not moving too far to make it to next Belle Vue session. Be happy in your new home…..

  2. Ukelefty, all the best to you. Moving is my least favorite thing to do.

    Are you moving back to Australia?

  3. Not moving country this time! Only going around 20 miles so it’s not too bad really. I can do several trips in the car with our stuff. The Belle Vue sessions will be further away, but I will make an effort to come to them as they’re great!

  4. Jennifer

    Hope you have a smooth transition back home!

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