Monkeying around on the Kazoo

Sorry it’s been a little quiet on here for the past few weeks. I don’t really have any excuse other than just not really being around the computer all that much. We’ve had some sunshine (really?!?!) so I’ve been out on the bike a lot more getting some miles in. I’ll have to get a rack so I can take the uke with me, hehehe!

As a small token of apology, here’s a somewhat embarassing video of me trying to get a tune out of my recently purchased kazoo:

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3 responses to “Monkeying around on the Kazoo

  1. Ha! That was AWESOME! I love the kazoo. As a music teacher, the kids always go nuts when I bring one to a class. Sounding really good there on the uke, too, Ukelefty! You’re a total rock star!

  2. That was so much fun — and FUNNY!

    I’ve been messing with the harmonica lately – only because my dog howls — really HOWLS — along with it!

    Wonder how he would do accompanying a kazoo!

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