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Back after a summer break!

I’m back! Sorry about the gap. I’ve been off the grid for a month or so travelling through parts of Europe. One of my favorite places was Lake Balaton in Hungary, where travelled by tandem bicycle. I think it’s possibly one of the greatest ways to explore an area! While away I sampled local music, local food and lots of street entertainment, such a great time. Hope you all had a great summer (or winter, if you’re down south) too!

Drinking “Palinka” by the bay. Lake Balaton, Hungary.

(sorry no ukulele this post)



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Amanda Palmer Arrested

Former Dresden Doll and ukulele goddess Amanda Palmer was arrested in the Netherlands earlier this week for performing an impromptu ukulele gig in Dam Square, Amsterdam. Famous in the ukulele world for her cover of Radiohead’s Creep, she organised the mini concert via Twitter and arrived to a crowd of fans eagerly awaiting her performance.

Local police took offence to Palmer’s choice of public venue for the performance, citing that performing at a war memorial is against the law. Palmer was detained by police but released shortly after and issued with an undisclosed fine.

She later Tweeted; “Dear Amsterdam, sorry I got arrested & the gig ended prematurely. you will  all have to come to Utrecht tomorrow. love, afp.”

Listen to Amanda Palmer’s cover of Creep here.

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