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Monkeying around on the Kazoo

Sorry it’s been a little quiet on here for the past few weeks. I don’t really have any excuse other than just not really being around the computer all that much. We’ve had some sunshine (really?!?!) so I’ve been out on the bike a lot more getting some miles in. I’ll have to get a rack so I can take the uke with me, hehehe!

As a small token of apology, here’s a somewhat embarassing video of me trying to get a tune out of my recently purchased kazoo:

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Southern Ukulele Square Fest

Talking of festivals (of course we were) the Southern Ukulele Square Festival is fast approaching. A first for SUS, it’s being held at the Square and Compass pub, Swanage. The fest kicks off on Friday 29th of June with the main acts on the Saturday, followed by a mass jam to cap off the fest on the Sunday. Acts confirmed so far include Mother Ukers, Krabbers, Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer, plus workshops and performances from other great uke artists!

Tickets cost £20 for the weekend or £40 including camping and can be purchased from www.southernukulelestore.co.uk

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Ukulele via Google’s AR Glasses?

Hmmmm well it seems that Google’s idea of the future is a world where people will randomly walk around the city talking out loud to their glasses… Apparently people will need directions downloaded from the internet in order to find sections in a bookstore and everyone will always know where you are. I think I’ll pass on this one thanks:

Slight ukulele references in there so yes, this is related. Hahaha!

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“Stay Awake” by Julia Nunes

Track 1 from her latest album, Settle Down.

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Blues in the key of E

Just chilling by the window, strumming out some 12-bar blues…

I learnt this chord progression from Ukulele Mike on Youtube. I am a bit of a fan his instructional videos. They’ve been a great help to me over the past year.

Click here for Ukulele Mike’s tutorial.


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The 2nd Annual World Ukulele Day!

Around this time last year the great ukulele guru, Mike Lynch declared the world’s first “Ukulele Day.” Well that time has rolled around again and this year he has announced that the 2nd of February 2012 is once again…

World Ukulele Day!

Now, let’s step back for just a moment. This time last year I hadn’t even started playing the ukulele! Woah, just imagine that! I wasn’t even aware of this whole other highly addictive world of uke madness. I am coming up to my first year anniversary soon, but more on that later down the line. So 2012 is actually my first World Ukulele Day as an actual ukulele player!

Click for Ukulele Mike’s YouTube channel or here for his BLOG page.


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How to learn the ukulele well enough to (almost) get you laid

I lol’d at “How about some Dragonforce?”

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